5 Reasons Why YOU Should Buy a Mac Instead of a PC in 2021!

You might take a look at my channel and think 
I’m some kind of die-hard Apple fan boy,   but the truth is I use a PC just as much as 
I use my Mac. The amount of customization and   raw power you get from a PC and also just 
the lower pricing is often enough to beat   out the Macs, and this is what I often tell 
people who are looking for a new computer. However, with Apple’s latest offering of M1 Macs, 
I am seriously re-thinking my thought process.   The M1 MacBook Air and M1 Mac Mini 
specifically are extremely powerful now   and are actually 100% worth what 
they sell for in my opinion.

I’ll touch on the topic of Mac vs 
PC in another video, but first,   I wanted to discuss 5 reasons why you should 
buy a Mac instead of a PC at this point in time. Firstly, the resale value. It’s no secret that 
a second-hand Mac is an attractive option on   the used computer market. Since 2011, I’ve sold 
every single one of my MacBooks when I upgraded,   and without fail I’ve been able to recover at 
an absolute minimum 60% of the value of a 3   year old Mac. PC is a completely different story. 
Unless the device is only a few months old and   essentially brand new, you’re just not going 
to achieve the same results. There are a few   exceptions to this, such laptops like the Razer 
series and specific computer parts like graphics   cards for example, but it can be very hit or miss 
unlike the consistency of selling a used Mac. This is such an important factor for me as I 
tend to upgrade my MacBook every 2-3 years,   and being able to sell my old device 
really starts to add up over time   and saves me thousands of dollars in the long run.

Moving on to connectivity and ecosystem, this is 
hands down something I can’t live without now.   Especially if you use a Mac for business, work, 
or study. Features like hand-off and iMessage and   AirDrop are incredible and increase productivity 
dramatically. With a few taps of a button, I can   wirelessly transmit anything to and from an 
iPhone or a Mac to my MacBook. For my business,   I can copy bank account details in an email on my 
Mac, and paste it into the banking app on my phone   to quickly pay an invoice. If I’m 
sending a lot of SMS messages,   I can seamlessly switch between my Mac 
and iPhone, or even just do all of my   SMS messaging directly from my desktop Mac. 
These things are just the tip of the iceberg,   so let me know in the comments down below if you’d 
like me to dedicate a full video on this topic.

Moving on to Price. Up until the release of the 
M1 Macs, I never would have said this, but in my   opinion an entry level M1 Mac is now one of the 
best bang for your buck computers you can buy   right now. Now it’s certainly not the cheapest, PC 
still wins in that category, but with the M1 Mac   mini specifically, for $699 you get an insanely 
powerful computer. I have a $2000 custom Windows   PC I built with a Ryzen 3900x, 32GB of DDR4 RAM, 
and GTX 1080 graphics card, and in everything but   gaming and really hardcore sustained tasks such 
as 8K rendering, the Mac mini does a really good   job at keeping up with a Windows PC.

same can be said for the M1 MacBook Air.   I’m sure you’ve seen my videos on this channel 
about just how much that machine can do. Next up is macOS itself. Now I’ve been using both 
macOS and Windows equally for about 10 years now.   I personally prefer macOS 
for several reasons. Firstly,   it is a simpler layout when compared to Windows. 
Everything is in a location that just makes sense,   and the system preferences are done much 
better than Windows. Spotlight search,   finder, and just every day file 
organisation is on-par with Windows,   and using gestures and the really nice trackpad 
on the MacBooks easily beats out any Windows   laptop I’ve used. I will say though that power 
users will likely enjoy Windows more due to   increased customisability and control, but for 
95% of people they will never bother with this. I also find macOS to be much more stable 
and reliable. I’ve had much fewer crashes,   frozen applications, or times where 
I needed to restart a machine running   macOS. With windows I seem to 
be restarting it often to fix   issues no matter if I’ve recently reformatted, 
using a new hard drive, or even a completely   new system.

This is super important on laptops 
specifically because when you open that screen,   you just want everything to be where you left 
it so you can continue on with no disruption. Lastly, we have support. Now this is probably 
going to be controversial, because there’s   always someone somewhere that’s had a horrible 
experience, but over the 10 years of owning Mac   products, I’ve always had a decent experience. 
Online and phone support has been good enough   on the rare occasion I’ve needed it, but the huge 
benefit in my opinion is the multiple apple stores   and genius bars in almost every city in the 
world. A few years ago the logic board on   my 2011 MacBook Pro died, and I was over 3 
years outside warranty and wasn’t covered by   any special replacement programs. Apple 
took pity on me and replaced it free of   charge. This is obviously a rare occurrence 
so don’t expect the same to happen to you,   but it just goes to show that Apple isn’t the big, 
evil corporation that people make it out to be.

One thing I tell people is don't underestimate 
the value of having the same company as both a   software provider and hardware provider. 
If you have an issue with either macOS   or the actual hardware of your Mac, Apple is your 
go-to for absolutely everything. On the flip side   with a Windows PC, you're going to have to deal 
with the manufacturer for any hardware issues,   and that's always been a massive let down 
for me in my experience. Then if you have   any issues with the actual software, you 
have to go to a different company for   help which is obviously Microsoft, and their 
support is pretty shocking to say the least. Anyway guys hope you enjoyed this video, 
again this is just my opinion over 10 years of   switching between PC and Mac.

If you guys have 
any different experiences please tell me about   it down below in the comment section but apart 
from that I will catch you guys in the next one..

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