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Hello everyone! It's October 14, 2018 and soon the cold season is coming so I want to take care of my car. I will do this by applying a ceramic coating. I bought this ceramic coating, (I will put a link in the description) Along with car clay and other products to protect the car. Let's see how good this ceramic coating is, though, I think it's the cheapest one I've found on the market. I'll apply this to the car behind me. Let's begin. I'll start by rinsing the car. How does this ceramic coating actually work? After it is applied, a protective layer is formed like a very thin glass film, it has a very high hardness and it's got extremely hydrophobic properties! Reasons why dirt won't stick so easily, and washing your car becomes a very simple, fast and effortless thing.

Next step: I will apply active foam. Next I'll wash the car using the 2-bucket method. One has water with car shampoo, the other has got clean water to rinse the microfibre golve. Wash the car using straight, not circular lines. This way, any scratches will be much less visible. After washing the car using the 2 bucket method, I applied again active foam this step is not necessary, it is not mandatory, it is just a personal preference. Leave the active foam to act and then rinse it. The steps I recommend for washing the car are: Rinsing with a high pressure washer then applying the active foam and letting it act for 5 minutes Rinsing again with a high pressure washer And because that is not enough to completely remove all the dirt, next is the 2-bucket washing method with a microfiber glove And the final part is rinsing the car.

I know the steps that I've followed are not in the right order, but the car was washed 2 days ago and it wasn't very dirty at the moment. Now that the car is washed, the next step is car decontamination using a clay bar. But first, let me show you the current state of the car without any protection. The hydrophobicity effect is virtually null, nonexistent.

No drops of water are formed, and there's a very long stream of water that does not completely drain. It's a little hard to catch this on camera Let's try on a side wing, maybe it's a bit more visible. So this is the effect without any protection. The water is dripping off, but there are a lot of water streams left, look, like the traces of water in this area, they remain on the car. How is the decontamination process done? Using this clay bar and using a lubricant, I use soapy water or water with some liquid washing soap to help the clay bar gently slide onto the surface of the car.

Spray this lubricant on the car and gently slide the clay bar. Do not apply much pressure and use a lot of lubricant. Nobody likes to slip on a dry surface, not even the car, so use lubricant! 😉 Look what the clay looks like after I used it on a fairly small surface. After decontaminating with the clay bar, the car still had fine scratches on the clear coat. And the only 2 ways you can get rid of scratches are by repainting or polish. Luckily, being fine scratches it was enough just to polish the clear coat. To remove any traces of residues left behind by polish, oils or other contaminants I will use isopropyl alcohol (99,8% purity) Surface preparation for applying a ceramic coating represents ~80% of the work! If the surface of the car is not properly cleaned and prepared, the ceramic coating may not have a good grip and will not last for a long time on the car.

And if there are spots or scratches on the car, they will still be visible after the ceramic layer has been applied. What's in the package? A set of instructions whose translation into English seems to be made by Dăncilă
(Romanian politician that makes a lot of
grammatical mistakes) but still, I managed to deduce all the steps and I will present them in about 10 seconds. We have the solution itself A (foam/sponge) applicator And some microfibre cloths Step 1 is to spray a fine layer of water, like a mist, on the surface of the car. Step 2: Take a microfibre cloth and place it on the applicator, then put a few drops of solution on it.

Now we apply the solution on the car using straight movements, vertical and horizontal, on portions of approximately 30-40 cm Wait a few minutes for the solution to act, But be careful! But be careful!
Don't wait too much, it must not get dry. In the instructions it says to let it act for 5 minutes in the summer time, or 5-10 minutes in the winter time There are 5 degrees celsius outside now, and I've let it act for about 6-7 minutes. The next step is to take a wet microfiber towel, but well drained, and gently wipe the surface that I applied the solution on. And finally, the last thing I have to do is to wipe the surface again, but with another microfibre towel, and this time it must be a dry one. After this last step I have to wait 3 days until the solution is completely cured. And that is because it's cold outside. In summer, the instructions say that 2 hours in the sun is enough to completely cure the solution.

I would still wait at least 24h even during the summer. During this waiting period the car must be protected from dirt and should not be washed or touched by hand. 3 days after applying the ceramic coating, look at how the microfiber cloth is: It has hardened, it has no flexibility at all compared to a new unused microfiber cloth. I recommend you, however, not to use the cloths that come in the package because they are not of good quality. It's better if you go and buy a really high quality microfiber cloth. It's been three days, let's see what the hydrophobic effect of the solution is. A brief comparison. The hood was treated, the side fender was treated, the spoiler was treated, the door was NOT treated. Let's see what the effect is. You can see how water actually drips off from the fender. On the hood, too, it drains completely.

But on the door the water does NOT drain completely. By comparison, the right fender was NOT treated. So the effect can be noticed. The water stays a lot longer on the car and does not drain completely. After about 1000 km this is all the mess that has been deposited on the car. I must mention that I traveled those 1000 km both on the highway and in the city in rainy conditions. Using the car shampoo from Chemical Guys: Honeydew, I put 60 ml of shampoo in this foaming lance, and from 60 ml to 900 ml I put warm water. While the foam acts for the next 5 minutes I want to tell you a little bit about the products I use. I use this foaming lance: MJJC Snow Foam Lance I bought it from Aliexpress, I will put a link in the description. It's got a pretty decent adjustment, and it really helps to get a better foaming effect on the car. It makes a thicker foam, it's closer to a whipped cream aspect rather than a milk.

It's the first time I'm using this snow foam solution. I can tell you from the start that it has an incredible smell I personally like it very much! It is safe for wax-treated cars, it has a neutral pH, and has a very good cleaning power, or so it says on the label. We'll see in a few moments if that's true. That's why I chose not to clean the car with the microfibre glove. I just rinsed it, applied active foam and I'll just rinse it again. That's the whole process I'm doing today. And we'll see what is the effect of the active foam and what is the effect of the ceramic coating. I want to mention that I am not an expert in doing the things that I have just done. I just bought a product from the internet, this product, I'll show it to you once again. And you can seen that on the label it says the ceramic coating (or the so-called ceramic coating) should last up to 12 months.

Let's test if the hydrophobicity effect remained on the car. Indeed the water still drips off the car, so the effect still remains. And this is after a single wash and after I have traveled about 1000 km in the city and on the highway in rainy conditions. This is on the hood and on the left fender, The hydrophobicity effect is maintained. I can say that the Chemical Guys Honeydew cleaned the car pretty good, not perfect, but to my taste it's good enough given the fact that it's very cold outside and I don't want to use the 2 buckets method…

Because I'm really cold! It's 27th February 2019 The car hasn't been washed since 27th December 2018 Now the car has 146848 km and otside it's +4,5°C I don't like to wash the car at home by myself at this temperature… So here's how it looks like now now being washed for about This amount of days I went to Cluj, Hunedoara-Cluj I've been to the mountains, I've traveled around the country On rainy and snowy days with lots of salt on the roads.

And this is how the car looks now: The salt is pretty obvious on the hood, on both sides of the car, pretty much everywhere. I'll try to film this side maybe I'll get a better view. The sun is shining in front of me so I don't know if I'll get a good video. Again, the place where I've applied the so-called ceramic coating Mr. Fix 9H This door… it's very obious how dirty it is the same here the same on the hood and on the front bumper A short preview And let's see after this wash if the ceramic coating is still has it's initial properties. or it's something that already faded away because of this weather. I'm at a car wash in Deva If they'll allow me I'll put their name here And let's hope that they'll make a good job. I've been here already and I was very pleased I'm very curious if this so-called ceramic coating still has effect and is still present on the car.

This step is the pre-wash, where most of the dirt will come off. Now the active foam, which will be left to act for a few minutes. and in the meantime the tires can be cleaned. The car is rinsed again to eliminate the dirt loosened by the active foam. Now a new layer of active foam has been applied and this time the car is cleaned using the microfiber mitt and the 2-bucket method. Now the car's final rinse is done. Very fainted effect very little visible Even if I test it with the water bottle the water flows off the hood, but the ceramic coating is nothing like it was at the beginning You can see that the last active foam used has some kind of wax-like effect To be honest, I don't know if it's car wax or something else.

But you can see on the car's hood that it has a hydrophobicity effect. The water drops a pretty big and they slide off easily. And with the water bottle test the hydrophobicity effect is even more obvious. And this is the complete test that I've done about this ceramic coating solution. The conclusion that I've reached is that if you put so much effort into preparing the surface of the car for a ceramic coating solution, My advice is to use a higher quality ceramic coating solution! The one that I've used here is Ok(-ish), it held up for this winter but… But from now on it won't be too long until it'll be completely gone. It faded almost completely and all this hard work is not worth it for a cheap ceramic coating solution! I'm not a professional in doing this kind of stuff I'm just a normal person who's trying to take care of it's car. If you have any advice for me you can write it in the comments section below. Once again, don't forget to subscribe Thank's for watching and good luck with your work!

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