Ceramic Pro 9H 2nd adventure, ditches, gravel, wooded, and submerged roads

Looks like Oh looks like everybody else is staying on the highway. While I take this ATV trail in the ditch, I think they’re all waiting for me to flip there.

I put it in corn, silk and lock what like your tires right.

It’s over the tire.

Look, I’m standing, oh really, yeah! Yeah! We got to be a shallower angle in my car.

I got to go forward, not sideways it.

We’re winching me from behind.

Now are my wheel straight Pete that’s very simple: the gas we’re gon na.

Take this trail to double back on the road.

Some people have to head to number one to go home.

They’re doing that. This trail hits another road and it goes back to where we came from the only thing: how’s this, for wit, for you it’s, not touching my fender flares.

No, I mean for the Grand Cherokee home this okay, so it looks like all these service, roads and stuff for it,’s notice once again and not everyone’s into like the crazy stuff.

The thing about today was, I wanted to be a lot more stock friendly like I was the whole point and I wanted tapping the wish place.

Don’t open the doors it comes in.

Oh those deep, it was probably a creek or drainage right there.

When you dip in a dip like that, there’s a good dryers at wet, wet wet, I’m going to get open because the water is not moving huh well, this is shallower than back there.

Now we’ll be merciful and we’re.

Not parallel to a stream that somehow looks like it:’s higher than we are yeah that was freaky waters flowing going this way that whale water, not for me, I look scarier than it was 7 41, so we’ll make our way back to you.

Did you feel that on the floor? Yes, I’m, like that’s, a strange feeling having all this water eventually, they’re happy with this road rage.

Okay, if they wanted to get some offered again. This is definitely they’re going to do it in waters flying off the food into the windshield see this looks like it’s, raining blind, or maybe it’s markers for the water be coming in to Winnipeg.

This does not running parallel to uh, like from shoal Lake Central yeah.

Is it closer to the highway, or is it furthers this further south that wheels are keep much farther it’s like? No, what I mean is the pipeline hypose from Seoul to Winnipeg yeah.

I don’t know where they patrollers .

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