CryptoKaiju – 1 Year In (almost) + Q&A

[Music] Hey so i’m oliver to give you some background on myself a bit of a space now for about six years I’ve done loads of weird things in the crypto space on a new site called coin journal for a bit I was a miner at one point but yeah today I’m gonna talk to you about our toy project I presume with it being and it with Raymond and nf2 focus the real reason to kind of explain how NS T’s work so I’m mostly going to talk about kind of what we’ve done in the first year how project works and the reason really why it exists so critic is she’s really really young we actually only started like last November I think it was November the 28th 2018 and as you can see from the numbers we’re actually really quite small but in under 12 months we’d have to sell five different batches of toys and with the with different colorways and SKUs that’s about nine different styles which is pretty good for a toy company I thought we’ve sold all that we’ve minted 463 NF tees but this is still growing and doesn’t actually include the kiddies that we’re still minting or the deal that we just did with the Sacramento Kings or the NBA cashews and one target to hit around 700 by the end of the year in fish live team numbers this is actually pretty small but in terms of what we actually do and it being really really fairly very niche it’s not bad it’s not bad for a toy company in the first year to get that that many toys out so we’re pretty pleased results so far 210 different individual 210 individual addresses own kg which shows how engaged our small community is with people returning to bite by the new toys you can kind of see at the top we’ve kind of got some fairly big holders one of those though is me it’s it’s just not that I hold my own toys it’s simply a case of we actually you know as well as kind of bit as well as kind of crypto people being interested in us we also get a get quite a bit of interest from actual just vinyl toy people who have absolutely no interest in aetherium whatsoever it’s at a point where we actually say hey if you’ve got interfering with dressed something like a what so we just kind of send them disclaim and it says we got a storm here on a tracer if you have actually do you want to claim your nft just get in touch another interesting things point out is but we never ever rank on tap site so some of you may never have heard us because heard of us because we are never ranking high on any DAP site because we actually just we take payments via claim based commerce not by a smart contract we just use the smart contract sort of thing when the NFC’s so we actually have no transaction volume whatsoever so I’ll talk a little bit about kind of why we approach this in the first place and so I don’t know if anyone’s familiar with block rocket and known origin yeah that’s good so block rocket in an Origin are both based in Manchester and I think I’ll need it’s it’s really hot there don’t know why it’s so hot so I met with those guys just before they launched didn’t 2,000 in 2018 and we talked a little bit about what kind of accomplish I really liked it I’ve been testing vinyl toys for years and years and years I’ve been collecting so much weird wonderful stuff since I was in my teens sort of mentioned at the time hey we should try and actually do this to vinyl toys building a kind of provenance products around vinyl toys to improve how we handle authenticity or Providence could be a cool idea at a time it was a little bit a little bit of a far-fetched idea but I spent a summer kind of work we came up with a pretty good solution but yeah it was hard and we kind of had to look at these four things to begin with how to actually make it so unique and that’s not as simple as you’d actually think we we built we sort of put out a kind of release of a hundred hundred toys you can’t make every single one of those physically unique it turns of economy of scale it’s absolutely impossible I think every single factory in the world would laugh you out the doors have you turned up and said yeah I want a hundred toys but each them to look different how do we actually ensure that physical toys the same one representing all the blockchain that’s pretty hard you could have you could have that guy but how would you actually know that that guy is the guy in the blockchain but replicating what NFT and not a very Advent like an identical version next to it how do we stop people swapping the physical Providence and like you see this quite a lot with designer vinyl toys so people will actually have a real real version of the toy or they’ll then go and buy a fake but they’ll have a real packaging they’ll just package up the fake version the real version and just flip it how do you actually get around that and how do we actually make a toy unique on your ferry and blockchain right how do you actually even link it all together so the kind of solution we came up with what we looked at so many different things from itching to actually just putting in packaging like we’ve bought originally you know you could just put it in the packaging but my issue there was you could just swap the packaging again no one’s realistically gonna bake these because they’re really really small run it’s 100 pieces and tossed mortar to fake it then I think you’d actually ever make back but we approached the project from the idea of actually our provenance or if you actually were a big toy company how you’d actually work with something like this and the actual solution we came up with was NFC tax but even NFC tags are not a great solution at at least on the officer on the outset look at them most tags have no actual unique identifiers if they do it’s quite easy just to overwrite it it don’t stalk about data and more important you can just tear them off so going back to the original point then if you had a fake one and a real one you could just tear it off just stick it on another one and you really wouldn’t know the difference so we did a lot of lot of reading around that and we found a company who does chips and it’s certainly Philips it’s a spinoff of Philips is NX p we’ve got some really good ships that actually have unique identifiers favourite anti-collision measures in place just to ensure that every single cereal every single chip has a unique serial number so we actually decided just to use those the simplest solution was gonna be that we’d use the unique identifier I think so might want to come in I don’t know she just so we would you see unique identifier in terms of a chip and we would then attach it but you still don’t get around BSU but it could be unique but you could just tear it off stick to something else and that would then in theory be attached to the NFT so we worked for the factory who actually just built who built these into a little in a way but the aerial kind of goes around the chip so the second you actually try and remove it it will tear didn’t do too well of that on the first toy and I’ll talk about that a little bit more detail when we get to that slide but we are getting better after it I demonstrate it downstairs before and I really wish I hadn’t I really wish I’d kept it so I could demonstrate it here it was a damaged toy I actually demonstrated that however the tamper resistant sness works yeah that’s kind of the solution to in a minute so use me a unique identifier and we use that within the smart contract the contract is made up pretty much of unique identifiers token ID and then all the fluffy stuff like token name the actual kind of image of it or the traits and skills which we use which are very similar attributes on crypto kitties just saw my PFS so it’s still completely decentralized but we just don’t up the smart contracts with all that stuff so I’m just gonna talk you through kind of the toys we’ve worked on and give you a little bit more detail on how things work and the sort of issues that we faced when developing this stuff so I’d actually have one of these with me because I don’t take them anywhere because I’ve only got one I’m about losing it as Genesis were our first toy and it was based on a physical print and nft we actually don’t know Knology which is their Genesis was limited to 120 pieces over two colorways with purple being rarer and I stalled out in around 40 days there are many examples of it with it and moved me I do a pretty recent toy we’ve done which the Halloween one if you see that the actual tags is sort of stuck to the bottom it’s it’s hard to remove and you are pretty likely to actually break it but you could get around it’s not as secure as we’ve kind of liked it but people really really really like this toy sold out in 40 days and then they were going for around about $300 on the secondary market it’s made from soft vinyl as well which is different to a lot of the stuff we worked with recently that itself paints a lot of different problems but yeah sort of now become like the design we’re mostly anonymous with and they will never release this toy again we have used but does the Dino dinosaur again so we’ve using the recent Sacramento Kings collaboration and we’ve used it in the glow-in-the-dark because people just keep demanding it so the second guy we did was well I’ll give you some advice to start off with if you’re from Manchester don’t give something a Japanese name because you actually can’t pronounce it so we just call it giant soakin but it’s actually giant talking or something it’s yeah and you’re from Manchester just kick things straight names so Jane token was released at the beginning of March it came in two different flavours Bitcoin and aetherium but you can kind of see from this we we placed a bit over emphasis on the provenance and actually getting it right so we’re about things juice sort of wells that we have on the kitties as well just for the tag to sit properly it’s really really hard to remove these without breaking the area so toys made from a mix of hard and soft vinyl and like I say it’s the first time where we really have overhauled the tag making sure that it actually sits in a well third design is vwoo it’s the crypto kitties well we got a lot of people asking us kind of how we actually came across this because you know it’s data it’s crypto keys they’re kind of the biggest worth the biggest NFT go in and we are relatively small and make vinyl toys and how it sort of came about they knew about us anyway and there was kaiju in their office I think a few people that were too dapper had them in their office to begin with we approached them back in March and we said hey how about we do this and they said oh we’ve actually got an open-source license so if anybody actually ever wants to work with like a dapper property don’t look at their NFC license it’s amazing you can do so much with it you can actually just commercialize your own products based on their designs as long as you cryptographically owned the asset up to 100k but they were really good to work with we didn’t actually approach it it’s an official collaboration to begin with but a team were really good in actually helping us even with molding and just setting in prototypes and saying hey what you think of this and yeah it is but we had to kind of give it a bit of a different approach we’ve casually obviously we go with like a standard case you obviously we own everything we mint token exactly how we want so we have control over a kind of name description the only kind of variable really is the NFC with kitties you know it’s a little bit different because it wasn’t our property so it was a couple of different considerations so the first thing was do we actually want the kitty to you actually want the physical cat just be after one of them like a generic cat that we own we don’t really like that approach we didn’t think it was really in the spirit of projects where is you know there’s actually an NF T but backs in a minute we would just be sort of making a 10 ft on top of cryptokeys but would just be this called the generic cat so what we actually did was because we really like to make our lives terribly terribly difficult was we actually went out and bred a load of similar cats so we had we’re like hundreds of hundreds of cats but either look like that or look like the blue one it’s pretty interesting when you do that in terms of looking at sort of traditional toys and then looking at kind of a fear IAM and NF TS and building cuts off decentralized toys you actually have to factor in a success rate for breeding a cat that looks similar to your vinyl toy into your actual price point which is really weird that’s when you start to reassess your life you’re like what am i doing because she did alright really relatively high success rate as you sort of get down with generations just smashing them out so what we kind of did was was a couple of different ways we could have taken you could have kind of approach the cryptokeys thing what we actually decided to do was like a blend and sounds horrible but we sort of put a cryptic it into a blender and then sort of merged it in with what we’ve got so what we end up with is we basically pull everything in via crypto keys or open seas API so we pull in like from the actual crypto Kitty’s ID world so you pulling from the kitty ID we pull in things like date of birth colour colour secondary class basically all the details and then we only know our own streets over the top so we’ve got the NFC and then we’ve got the traditional cagey treats which we use which are a skill and class so you basically can’t see it on here I must have put it off but you can also see we can sort of see actually you can see that we actually got a kitty ID there but in a smart contract you can actually see in it a link a link on a PFS to the actual original kitty you’ve got a kitty and then sort of change this over sort of kitty on steroids with these additional traits on to it when we sort of conclude this batch we aim to send everyone the kitty as well so a lot of people are getting these in a post in a minute if anyone here called Sparrow yes ask your toy I’m staying in Shoreditch was like I am NOT taking it all the way to storage that’s just funny that’s also your toy thank you I can indeed and so yeah you did literally if you were to actually do it you would just scan the foot they’ll give you an EFC I do you type it into our DAP and it will bring up that the other kind of issue we based wave crypto kitties was yeah we were kind of minting this hybrid taupe office kind of hybrid NFT or as people are calling these days metal NFC I guess but it would just look like a crypto kitty it would yeah you’d have the cryptic it would be pulling in the crypto kitties in all the information including the image they would just like a crypto key with a cryptic idea so we’ve got a bit of discussion with them and we had a bit of discussion amongst ourselves about what we could add in and we actually just decided that the differentiator would just be a nice little bandana but yeah it’s a cut sort of novel weird consideration that you don’t really think about until you actually quite deep into deep into it yes it is it’s sort of like yeah yeah basically souped it up soups up cooked okay it’s also in my kit yeah it’s quite a minute Bob is an interesting ways to approach it it seems to have worked the other thing is you know DAP is licensed is really really good but it’s very store licensed for are these sort of walls that you have to sort of work within and so it’s quite difficult to find a solution that made them well they were happy with and we were happy with this is kind of it and demonstrate sitting a little bit more details this is Tiger proud bum as you can see what’s exist one six six five four three nine and then one six one six nine five four three nine orbit rates are basically pulled in so it’s it’s the same cat it’s just a NFT of it nf2 um I don’t actually know cuz I’m not a lawyer Oh could you yeah in theory yeah it’s a good question where would we license actually live and would it lie with cash or would it lie with case I don’t know it would be really cool if you could breed him as well but you can’t it could be over so yeah this brings us kind of last things we’ve done so return to Genesis I’m just gonna clone for dark version mostly because people just kept asking us to do the design again we knew we were already working on the design but it’s really small room this is what the Sacramento Kings and they actually we again we actually get asked quite a lot about how this sort of deal came off and they want to know is like technologically advanced sports companies in America and they’ve constantly got the finger on the pulse they take like Bitcoin interfering a stadium for year is they’re working with block party on a project and every year they just pick sort of like tech projects they’d like to work on and they actually got in touch just after we launch Genesis in January and we just kind of took it from there we’re really pleased of it we we’ve kind of adapted the design a little bit as well jakers Genesis is soft vinyl and the arms are detachable would it being soft Lionel they are fairly detachable and they can just come off it’s really a nightmare SPAC j– obviously we’re products but we’re not actually distributing Adelle as much control we just decided to do it harder vinyl sort of a more matte finished it’s come out really really good but what we do that’s really interesting so there rather than just selling them in the store or something like that but using them but using the actual NF T’s and it’s like prizes so you might you might scan it you might then go and get the NFT and the NFT will mention that you’ve won say a jersey or ticket to a game so if you said a Caesar a really interesting sort of commercial way which I thought was pretty cool I think we’ll start to see a lot more of that over the next few years as well there’s definite going to be sort of bigger brands coming into the space you’re have to look at kind of who invested in the recent data blockchain I think it was Warner to see kind of where we’re heading there I think personally NF tees are the most commercial mainstream thing we’re going to get living cryptocurrencies and just from our I can’t for marketing Batgirl fun marketing perspective they just they’re just so cool there’s just so much potential so the real question is like why did we even really do this well yeah it’s fun NFC ease have fun but if you’ll actually look at like the actual collectibles market which is supposedly worth around 200 billion which I’m not really sure how true that is because when I googled it there was various different sort of numbers we’re all pretty high but the collectibles market you know it’s really really really easy to lose physical documents like certificate sort of aspirant isset e certificates can be forged you know we see a lot of that and it’s especially difficult with all the pieces when databases are used to store information the information centralized are not accessible by everyone and the process is really really timely and actually kind of holding and maintaining a database of who holds a collectible who holds an art piece so I think in time nothing if area more blockchain is a pretty good solution to how we improve our Providence authenticity I’m not saying we have like the ultimate solution but I think this is a really good first attempt it’s sort of chipping away at provenance and authenticity just within kind of vinyl toys the album is the small room vinyl toys actually don’t need that much authenticity because people just don’t copy them which is true but as I said before we didn’t really approach this from the perspective of our own products we were looking at the kind of you know cause James Jarvis stuff like things that people are actually ripping off and you can just buy copies of on Alibaba there’s a market bad that’s it that’s a really bad desk really quick sorry I am I wrote that to be half an hour and then I forgot how quickly I speak yeah of course please fill it with questions I know unplug this because that’s going to drive everyone say at home I use this computer and it’s just literally a desk you saw was just like a desktop it’s put into three monitors and this just stuff yeah I’m just going to unplug it it’s gonna drive everyone absolutely mint so I had promise you I’m actually not that disorganized hey it kind of varies so Genesis was last November and supposed to be I I thought we had I thought we’d only sell about 30 Genesis and we sold 120 and 40 days and I was absolutely amazed I remember Bob this guy out in March cryptokeys came out in August these guys came out two weeks ago and the Sacramento Kings things really sort of not how its announced but it’s not out so I say bleep every 3-4 months there’s also been stuff that we’d actually built and never released we had applause scripts okay which is the most horrifying thing you have ever seen my niece absolutely loves it when this is like a bit of I know my sister’s like please no is horrifying we also build dog toy I’ve never really made it past me it’s actually in the sticker packs and it’s never really made it past so I’ll throw it aside but I think we probably will run next yeah trying to play about every three or four months I’m gonna kid sumo so maybe I’ll have a little bit of time off I have done five six toys in here hello oh I’m just really sad how do I get into vinyl toys I really like like old Godzilla toys and then I sort of moved into like the more expensive so like you know core I used cause as exam for twice their butt cause before he’s like really really big and was doing crazy art projects it was a core stuff and I don’t know probably from music I was at one point really into streetwear and the sort of things fit Nick fit fit next to each other I still like trainers but I’m wearing the fury and t-shirts and a mystery is it thank you very much Hey oh sorry hi dude dose just because it’s half finished those I really like I’m really really keen on exploring the ideas just doing seasonal versions of East again I really like this toy the only problem is I’m just really not satisfied with kind of how Mac sort of sits compared to like and what recent design so I feel like we have got them a lot more time for resistant we could look at doing that again and maybe exploring it we’d have to change from old a little bit changing the mold a little bit we just have to do a longer run if we thought absolutely didn’t just didn’t get a lot of time on the Sacramento King stuff at all ideally I don’t like to change to for a little bit it works but there’s a lot of room for improvement I am much more satisfied of that sort of solution where it’s almost a little well and we just didn’t have a lot we didn’t have a lot of time those guys to actually develop it but at some point if we are to pull out seasonal versions of them I would like to address that and improve it a little bit so yeah you might get a Valentine to one or there won’t be a Christmas well yeah well people do and like when we were better a sort of a chart of token holders at the beginning we do have people who just they just go wild and they’ll buy five and they’ll have them all but if there’s a little bit of speculation within it as well people seem to buy them to speculate and know that down with that and just because I don’t think I don’t really like the idea of people but not sound like Banksy or anything but buying and flipping out I feel like you should buy stuff that you actually enjoy we they had this debate on Twitter the other day someone was like having collectibles or every toys and I was like what’s the difference I don’t care if you buy one and it puts a smile on your face so it’s sat in your house and you send me a picture of your kids play of it I don’t care without the packaging or not I’m just happy that someone’s getting something from it hello Wow yeah it’s all publicly available it’s all public affair reham so you could just literally use open sea you could go on you could look at the piece you can see who’s owned it before where it’s transferred from to and then if you actually want it to transfer it to yourself it would just be as simple but it wouldn’t be as simple as well as much to tell you it’s just a you just transfer that okay what we actually look at in a minute is ideas around being able to trade something in the post so if you about it yeah you were like I really want this Kitty now but it’s sold out and I say it’s X price how would transfer it to you we are we’re sort of looking at some ways in which we can introduce escrow maybe some kind of sense to sort of stuff so that you wouldn’t we wouldn’t release it and so you’ve got a code at the end that you entered so we are doing some stuff around that but it’s quite a way off at a minute yeah the problem is I’m not actually that oh okay [Music] pretty much yeah looking at this look at it looking at this way looking at this when you get a painting your house sets on fire you get out the house with the painting but your certificate authenticity sets on fire it’s exactly the same thing you’ve lost your Pacifica certificate or authenticity you know you’ve still got some proof that you’ve got it and at least you’d have some basis there to prove I actually did hold this at some point because you can see x y&z this but you wouldn’t actually hold the proof anymore you would still other you would start the token there and you can actually see yeah I did that we could introduce things like actually signing addresses and stuff like that which would may alleviate stuff like that but yeah can I make what’s right yeah just back it I guess you just back up your private key wouldn’t you just always up the physical version but your digital digital kind of NFT which is the provenance would be lost of your lost private yeah true you could destroy that and you wouldn’t you still have a provenance for it but you know with vitoca the tag ID is still there the serial number of that can’t be changed so that the serial numbers set by the factory they come you can’t alter them and so no so you just have that’s okay sorry who’s next on the I saw the toka yeah a ghost version here maybe we could do that we could do some we actually have it sometimes I make mistakes and before we’ve kind of confirmed I have to burn in memory justice Taiji graveyard exists if you wanted to get rid of it you should I don’t know if it was two different approaches for stuff what we’ve seen sell so far has being Genesis and like I said before we seen Genesis’s that have sold for like three hundred dollars just because people bought two or three when it came out and then when people actually still interested in this let’s flog it and they went by auction we don’t actually see a lot of activity and like open sea but you would think auction yeah but then again yo people look like a telegram group and people do sell them now and again we just just literally sell them but amongst one each other now I agree with you I think you know we built this almost as a proof of concept and then really enjoyed it and kind of spun out into characters and for me how I kind of look at cryptic is you is there’s almost like this cute brand there that I really love where you can just sell these characters and people will buy them I think mostly is a serious piece to be had we’ve kind of how will you approach the NFC in a minute we just we just literally get a tag ID we get the tag ID we know that’s the unique identifier we then write a text layer over it which is a really really rudimentary way of doing it because if you had an Android device can actually get serial number whereas iPhones don’t get an NFC serial number you have to write a text layer on top of it we know it’s right because you can see it you could you can actually see the serial number but it’s a really rudimentary way of doing it really what we’d build is some kind of validator and it kind of looked at it said this is a valid token looked it up on a blockchain yadda yadda but yeah actually is the this stuff there it could be done in terms of going to brands [Music] not even like really big companies like Disney but people like janky super plastic sous plastic or a really good example of the small is an old familiar super plastic like janki’s okay who’s familiar with Kidrobot yeah so Kate it was a spinoff of kid row but he quit he went he did Yankees so Yankees are actually they’re actually really really small in terms of the amount that’s produced but we are being copied already you can buy fake ones of Alibaba stuff like that just for someone like that it would be absolutely ideal because for someone like Disney yeah fraud is a big deal but it’s not really a way to combat it I don’t know it’s debatable but for a young startup such as like super plastic maybe even kid robot you know they don’t have that much volume competitive like super has broke Disney that’s when fraud actually starts to mess up with your business sort of hinder things because people aren’t really bothered they’ll just go and buy a copy of it they’re not buying your real products and they’re so small they can’t really fight it can’t police it so if there’s all like that and yet be great defensive measure I’d love to do something like that anyone know works for super plastic or kid robot just come and see me at the end or dish now turned down Disney hello funny um we’ve got a few things I would not have to weigh it up there are different different options and differing ways of doing things we even look to just edging originally and we actually have seen people build sort of like statues and ornaments and sort of tokenize them and they just hatched NFC’s not the be-all and end-all at all the advantage is not just specifically a nifty and NFC but if you were to build apps or introduced kind of more interesting features it might be the sort of best route to take in terms of scalability but stop limited to that there’s loads of different ways we can do it hello yeah we did QR codes I could just be copied so easily but we yeah we even yeah we even actually fought about we might we might do this at some point which we’ve even like start to speak to people about it is the idea of I really don’t like having to sell someone and enter the actual toy and a minute and NFT send them the NFT and if you think it’s a really bad user journey it’s like it’s just terrible from a consumers perspective like well you’ve got a gift your friend one of these what you do what hey could I get you a fee room address even if they do actually have a food maker get you a fear mature earth I’m gonna send you a surprise they know what it is before it turns up so we actually like we are actually have looked around the idea roof maybe sort of tear off there’s a QR code underneath maybe like a sort of our big calendar [Music] it was it yeah yeah you should say known origin notes this blot rocket which we decided to formalize everything because it’s not really no no it’s more what rocket no we did talk about some stuff like that and we’ve talked about we’ve talked to a couple of people about like we doing both QR code stuff like that it’s something we might do in the future I just think it’s a lot better user experience it makes my life so much easier than having to not for this I have thought of some really cool ideas which I’ll bore you to death with at the bar without that afterwards but that’s a really really cool idea you know if you had for a thought about ideas like I mentioned before I think any entities are really really good really valuable marketing tools and I have had some ideas before around so you had a fashion fashion line you get an oft with your hat you get an end of T of a hoodie but you can only get the exclusive t-shirt if you’ve got all four l.f.t.s and you can login and I’d love to do that a lot something really cool it could be like the power rangers where you get all the parts and put them together yessum Mechagodzilla mecha kg hey-oh we get asked this so much everyone’s like hey what are you gonna do with it next what are we get in the game and it’s like you’d be surprised if this is just this is really just a hobby this is really weird because we collaborated with big people it’s just really a hobby it’s not my full-time job or anything sistahs you know small room vinyl toys first not actually that much profit in it I’d love to I’d love to build a game we leave in sort of draw up concepts about like Animal Crossing but with cashews which would just be a dream come true but yeah I would love to just building a game is so expensive at this point and even with block rocket even if we were just to push all our money into or any profit move urn into building a game it’s just a resource you just don’t have it that sort of bandwidth fit in a minute I’d love to though if anyone wants to give me 25 grand a certain to build a game come see me we’re having this discussion before something like fortnight would be amazing NF TDM NYC in February was a couple of games companies weirdly sniffing around I spoke to a couple of master words and they were interested in hey could you do this because we would love to be sort of the amiibo of blockchain I think thing that’d be a really cool place we could fit in this really is a very very very rudimentary amiibo in the sense of it yeah it’s crypto kit is a game yeah it is a game it’s one of the earliest examples of the game we’re moving on now we’re getting much sort of better gameplay but we could call it game but you know you’ve got this you’ve got me NFT with it so it’s very very rudimentary with me though but a couple of games companies sniff it around they maybe talk about oh yeah you know we’ve got this character we’ve got that character no big did you see it on big house in your own big oh cool oh wow I think the what’s the game called that’s sort of like final fantasy style RPG but a little bit cyberpunk his name is really yeah I think that’s got I think that’s got some likes I’m gonna do a really good team they seem to really get the tech like the sort of things that they were doing lightning Network and stuff that really excites me but sorry I’ve just waffled a waffle the waffles as I always do so answer your question listen any more easy he’s turned off he’s he’s so sick of my waffle and this is turned off I can’t do two things at once we’ve actually well it’s actually really interesting eventually we had Lee were over to go with a games company not that we’ve kind of got skeletons applied but I guess we could sort of apply rigs afterwards every single one of our toys or things we’ve ever done are all freely modelled so like half ready to go yeah we’ve got loads of stuff kind of that I’ve got I’ve got models you have to painting them they are just like polymer fair but they are really on that no actually was really interesting ways to sort of paint over kind of STL’s and stuff like stuff now I kind of what it’s called I look at my computer afterwards and I’ll tell you but there’s there’s ways you can just go sort of get blank what well basically when our stuff is designed to be freely printed or kind of prototypes there’s no color on it it’s just white and they paint over it afterwards but there are ways that you can sort get relief you can paint over things really nicely we’re certainly what we did with the Sacramento Kings because they were like a MacArthur sign off on this unless we have prototypes I was like just white and then hastily painted them myself Hey between assumption of the yes so sort of touching on your point in terms of could the NFT represent of the object because where it was description how to create that so the welcome part wasn’t disc which so if you own the NFT even if you not really know because is no conceptual I love the sound of this but the underlying issue would still be the actual tag is to let the actual tag that contains the serial number that’s used in the smart contract still sits on the original piece it’s cool I like it it’s a sir we’re getting so mad with nf2 these days it’s a very good point will I feel um even still be here but the more serious point is how you know how do you actually look after that tag how do you know how many scans it’s going to work for we actually we actually did a little bit of reading the round vase we actually don’t know they know we can guarantee it for a hundred years and say that all it’ll definitely last a hundred years for tag you’d only know after that point I imagine it will last a lot longer but we actually don’t know it is a really interesting point if you actually think about the amount of art that’s being put out these days over your metal art that already exists how would you actually apply technology cool or technological improvements to Providence I guess you’d have to introduce a system and we do have the very sort of backbones and it’s a little bit clumsy in a minute but a replacement system for fees so actually to go back to your point before about burning down your house if you actually did burned if you actually did have the NFT but somehow you damaged via the fire or burn it out we can actually do in a smart contract some type of a replacement where we issue of a new tag but you can see that the old tag replaces that I guess you’d have to do something like that to be honest view I’m not thinking that long term but it’s a real important consideration for actually you know every single piece of art and the physical art in the world was to be backed on a system like this how would you actually do it and it’s you would have to introduce something like that we’ve had a little richer I work with a block rocket guys and James absolutely loves Eve – James is just hardcore just absolute genius guy talks about scaling quite a lot yeah we will after at some point I still don’t know well I don’t know I asked metallic actually how are we gonna migrate f12 Eve – it doesn’t seem that clear to me I PFS Edmunds a life PFS and we host their life BFS otherwise they can split yeah I stopped getting to boo yeah that’s not getting to the hello yes they’re actually not virtually doing some really cool marketing things with it I think I’m not speaking I actually don’t know their full plan they might sell some I don’t know I’m not speaking on behalf of the Sacramento Kings well they’re actually going to I know I’m definitely going to do is a lowly like cool on wine I think in real life sort of scavenger hunts so they used these she’s not really really like you know you’re actually hiding a physical object you get it we have to change the sort of buying process a little bit and rethink it with the Sacramento Kings the sort of scanning thing then would have been actually been really useful we’re not really quite there of it yet it was also other complications and like I said we turn it around really quick this project so what’s gonna happen is someone gets one with most of most guys you just coming like a head of card like that apart from actually Kelo a lot of people moan about it doesn’t have packaging but just really can’t fit in a bag so what we’re doing is within the actual package itself you actually get almost like a business card who’s got a QR code on it it says do not pull off this red sticker by the way we’ve only ever had one person pull off the red sticker despite its saying all the instructions do not and he said it didn’t tell me anywhere it didn’t tell me I said yeah it does it clearly says do not pull the sticker off and then I looked so pretty is a Bitcoin sv phone so it says it all guys got problems [Music] so yeah we have to kind of recheck it a little bit because they arm get a B this core aetherium or call crypto audience that was selling to they might not be aware a lot of them will have aetherium addresses just because crypto is so ingrained into the Sacramento Kings and the stadium anyway but it’s just literally QR code form typing your email address type in your name and will and if they remember just a moment in send you lft so kind of had to switch it out a little bit like I say QR code thing would have been really useful [Applause]

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