How to Use Salesforce Notification Builder – Get Notifications to the Right Users in the Right Apps

[ Music] hi my refer is Joshua Schneider and I’m the product director for notifications now at Salesforce and I wanna talk to you one of my favorite features which is notification builder it allows you to send custom notifications to both Lightning desktop and your mobile apps for relevant events that occur in your org it’s pretty straightforward but I wanted to show you some of the cool things that you can do that might not be so obvious first did you know that you can send notifications to multiple recipients we support account and opportunity squads public the organizations and even queues that last one is pretty interesting because I know a good deal of folks are roused about the ability to assign tasks to queues so let’s take a look at how we can create a custom notification that will alert all those queue members when a new undertaking is established now I’ve got a simple process now set up to simply execute which we’ll use to show notifying a queue now of course you can also send a custom notification from Flo or our REST API if your notification where the phenomenon is happening somewhere outside your org well let’s take a look at setting up our act now we’ll want to give this a name and adopt the notification type which handles the routing of the notification here we’re going to select funding recipients now as we mentioned earlier we can see a tally and opportunity team public radicals but we’re really interested in queue so let’s hand-picked that and we have a couple options now you can select a queue field from a record which we’ll want to do here because we want the queue associated with this task or you could select a specific queue that you are able to help each time but let’s modification stay with this relative queue so we’ll click witnes and now we’ll connect the dots and it was necessary to fairly familiar for anyone who’s used consolidate battlegrounds or even formulas will select assigned to ID so that’s the field on our tasks that’s pointing to the queue and we’ll select qid next it is essential to gave some material in the notification so in the notification claim let’s add a send new tasks for and let’s call out the queue epithet so when folks see this come in they will know what it’s about we’ll go to the queue I get assigned to by D again and instead of selecting the q ID we’re going to make the name of the queue and now for the notification figure let’s go ahead and put the subject of the task for a little bit more detail now we’re notifications ready to go we’ll go ahead and save this and the next time the enterprise is created and assigned to a queue this notification is gonna fire and tell everybody know next did you know that you can control which mobile apps receive your notifications or even turn off standard notification kinds to supplant with your own let’s take a look so here we can come into setup and scroll down to notification builder and we can click on notification delivery locates now we’re going to see the routing and bringing defines for standard notification characters like favors or clatter but likewise the custom notification natures you may have created and for each of these if we click Edit we can choose whether or not we want to send them as desktop or portable we can turn those channels on and off and for portable lotions we can choose which specific apps we want to send them to these include Salesforce built apps like the Salesforce mobile app or publisher but starting in summer 20 it also includes any patronage apps that you may build using our Mobile SDK now in this example perhap we’re not completely happy with the approval request notification type that we get out-of-the-box we are able to simply switch off both desktop and portable channels we’ll save that and this notification type will effectively be silenced we can then go in to process or pour and generate our own notification for approbations that’s more suited to our needs so we do have a lot of good controller on how we can route these notifications so next up did you know that users can’t switch which push notifications they receive immediately from the Salesforce mobile app let’s take a look so let’s come into the Salesforce mobile app and we’ll tap on menu then we could sounds on our consumer avatar now we’ll verify policy options for puts then we can tap on pushing notification rectifies this screen will show us all the notification categories both standard and custom-built that ought to have configured in your org and our users can toggle those on and off as they satisfy so we want to make sure we improve enormous notifications for our useds but precisely in case anyone complains there you don’t want to see one or it’s a little too noisy you don’t have to turn it off for everyone you can give you our useds guidance and how they can leverage these personalized defines instantly within the Salesforce mode so now you know a little bit more about how to use notification builder I hope you experienced watching because I unquestionably enjoyed sharing it thanks admins[ Music] you[ Music]

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