LinuxMCE – New Progress bar and Prompt windows

hey guys Tom turns linux MCE i just wanted to go ahead and show you the new gtk progress rails and a new motivate would spur consumer opening for those of you now remember the original ones employed x lib calls and didn’t look all that enormous I’ve reflected the entire bit of system applying gtk and mostly checked in all the results there are a couple of new enters which I will take and lay in the edict as to what you can change and how you can change it etc but yeah this is a completely done with gtk so it’s available and you can use your own you can use your own gtk rc2 go themed things appropriately we use a particular one for our for poor orbiter which has been revised for tunage spectacles inducing the typefaces neat and bigger and I’m making everything neat and readable you can take and modify it nonetheless the inferno you want to but as it I’m mostly just talking here is this thing is getting ready to start Wow as you can see here almost immediately almost a brand March performance here so you can see the status disallow creeping up as you can see the progress bar on this crew that I’m expending here is animated and yeah so it’s just pluck substance from the topic but as you can see it gapes a lot better I’ve intentionally incapacitated this machine it’s going to timeout so you can see the elicit opening so there you go notice the ok button at the bottom all right that’s what I wanted to show you guys until next time later

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