Mercedes-Benz C300 Coupe (2017) – First Impressions

Hey Youtube: what’s up This is Ben from, Should I Get It dot com in this video? I am filming the new 2017 Mercedes C300 coupe. This is a beautiful car that was loaned to me, courtesy of Mercedes Benz of Stevens Creek, huge shout out to them for getting me this car for the day, so I’ve been driving it out to the usual spot.

If you guys have seen my other videos – and I’m – actually really impressed with the car, it sounds a lot better than I expected cause.

I’m used to the AMG, sounds from Mercedes this one’s, not an AMG, but as you can see, it looks really good.

This one has the premium package, the sports package and the night package Hey Youtube.

What’s up This is Ben from.

Should I Get It com today, I’m in a 2017 Mercedes, Benz C300, It’s a 17’right.

Yes, Okay And I’m here with my friend Beth and we’ve, been in this car for a couple of hours, now testing it out.

I’m in Sport mode Really quick.

While I have some open road that’s, what it sounds like it,’s super intakey, but it’s also really quick and comfortable.

So it doesn’t feel that fast, but we just came up to a stoplight and we’re gon na. Do a 0 45 here or whatever the speed limit is But Beth.

What are your 3 favorite things about this car Beth? Definitely the appearance from the outside.

It’s like a miniature S.

Class Yeah hold on 20 40, So the car is pretty quick.

It’s got 241 horsepower 273 pound feet of torque from a single turbo, 2 liter inline.

Four, You were saying it looks like an S Class Yeah.

I think it’s a really good value like if you were gon na buy one car.

This is a great car to do everything there.’s tons of space in the back.

The seats do in fact go down Okay, so it looks like a baby S Class continue All around it.’s very practical and very elegant right Cause.

The seats go down like you can go grocery shopping, you can go to Costco in it. You can go for a spirited drive with friends.

You can go out.

Yeah Beth was saying earlier that it has backseats have space for people They do, but they have space.

For Beth and she’s like five six, I’m five eight and I fit back there, but the thing is you:’ll hit your head on the top.

If you’re, like 5 seven and a half or above it,’s not uncomfortable, like you won’t get a concussion from it, but you’ll have to sit with poor posture.

But who cares when you’re in the back of a C class? Okay? So it looks like an S Class.

It’s an all around great car 2, more things that you’re, like a big fan of on this car other than the fact that if you de badge it it looks like a Honda accord.

I know that is a huge downer Um.

Well, I drove it briefly, but I thought it handled great a lot of like good steering feedback yeah it’s really good, So it’s kinda bipolar in that way like you, can be really comfortable and relaxed on a chill drive or have like a Very spirited drive and still have a ton of fun and then the fourth thing, Oh, I know mine the seatbelt thing.

So just like the S Class, when you get into this car, it feeds you the seatbelt which is such a minor thing, but in a coupe especially I mean I drive a Mini Cooper S, which is like a tiny car. But when I have to reach all the way back for the seatbelt, you know if it’s early in the morning, it’s cold.

You’ll pull your back a little bit Or if you’re a little bitch, then you’ll be like.

Oh, I pulled my back a little bit, but it’s just really annoying and then here it feeds it to you, and it just feels really good Like that’s, not what I expect out of a base model car, But it’s really nice.

What else I was gon na say: oh the blacked out AMG, look that this car has, If you can get the sport package and the night out right, Yeah Night Out package, get those that looks really good.

I think that basically takes all the chrome off, makes it black, and then the sport package gives you larger brakes.

I believe, and the larger rims and grippier tires so definitely get that if you’re gon na, take it on spirited drives, which it’s.

Actually, really good for So we just did a little bit of driving out in the mountains of Mexico and it handled fantastically.

Well Then, when you’re driving in traffic or just cruising, you can put it Whoops, I just put it into sport.

You can put it into comfort mode and then the steering gets a lot lighter.

So I’m a big fan of that. What do I not like about this car You don’t like that it doesn’t have Distronic Right.

I hate the My first tablet: Oh yeah, the center console has this giant screen with giant bezels on it, which could be slimmed down and the actual UI looks really good, but it’s not that easy to use.

So I was trying to figure it out.

While I was driving out to the mountain and I couldn’t You know I had to wait until we stopped to figure it out to hook up my phone do all that stuff.

So if you buy this car make sure you get the walk through at the dealership, The steering wheel, I honestly don’t know how I feel about it.

I mean this particular wheel with the flat bottom is part of the AMG package, so I’d say the AMG package is worth it and I’d live with this wheel, but it just feels kinda weird.

The center of it is just like this giant airbag compartment.

It looks like, and it’s a weird shape – that’s not really a regular shape, And then it feels weird anywhere.

But your regular driving position with your thumbs in the inserts here And the material I don’t know if it feels too much like a new car or if it just isn,’t the right material for it, but it’s like this perforated fake Leather stuff that I’m, not a huge fan of, but other than that it’s a great car.

You Should Get It If you’re, considering this versus like an S5 or an A5. Rather Not an S5 cause, compare S to AMG, but if you’re thinking like A5 vs, the C300 C300, I think, looks better.

It has the better interior and overall, just feels a lot higher if it feels like you,’re, getting a lot more for the money in the C Class and then in terms of the BMW 4 series.

I’d say I’d get a 4 series GranCoupe over this, but I don’t think I’d get the 4 series 2 door coupe over this car, So that’s it do you have anything you wan na, add Alright.

Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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So a quick note: I wanted to make about the infotainment system Even on the media page.

If you’re turning the volume up, it doesn’t say it anywhere, So I’m turning the volume up and it doesn’t show you a guide or a scale or anything, And that’s just the bars of how much service you Have on your phone So kind of annoying .

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