Powder Coating Not Sticking To Metal

After ensuring that the grounding is sound and the problem persists. Registration is free and allows you to post questions on our forums post pictures access technical support place orders for products and much much more.

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This is called a faraday cage.

Powder coating not sticking to metal. The first and easiest step is to check the ground and make sure there is an area of clean metal to metal contact. Improper grounding on the part if you re attaching your ground cable to the part itself it needs to have the best connection it can or your powder won t stick. The fine powder used in this painting method is electrostatically charged which is what attracts it to metal surfaces prior to the curing process.

They are much cheaper than fluoropolymer coatings however they tend to lose their nonstick characteristic sooner and do not withstand wear very well. Silicone coatings use non toxic synthetic resins that can be applied to specially prepared metal surfaces and bonded to the metal by baking. If a metal or material can t hold an electrostatic charge the powder won t be able to affix itself to the surface and it won t be able to be powder coated.

Powder coating questions welcome to the caswell inc forums the place to be for metal finishing enthusiasts. That ground connection completes the circuit for the electrostatic charge and is what helps attract the powder to the part. Where adhesion of labels comes into play it s important to remember that powder coat is a plastic material.

Basically when parts have internal corners or an odd geometry due to how the electrostatics travel through the metal the powder will not apply to these areas easily. The powder is in a word stubborn and will want to pull away from the corners towards the flat areas or edges. And many plastics are low surface energy lse materials that the typical psas used on labels don t stick well to.

We notice that you are not currently registered on our site or are not logged in. Metals that can be powder coated. If your part isn t clean enough the charged powder may not be able to stick to the area that has a film of oil or grease on it.

In addition finish texture of powder coats can be problematic. On a secondary or top coat if the powder will not stick the likely cause is voltage kv or micro amps µa that is set too high. While some powder coat paints can produce a very smooth and high gloss finish others and particularly thin powder coats can produce a textured or orange peel like finish.

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