Smoke Grenade – PUBG Logic | Viva La Dirt League

oh somebody This is very tense I cherish him Well, where the inferno are they? They could literally be anywhere Guys, guys, take it easy, okay? We have a very good position now Guys I’m freaking out Are they behind us? he’s so soothe … It’s impossible to see them, there’s so much damn coverage Really keep your eyes open for any small amount of fluctuation, because nobody will want to reveal your position Well … I experienced them A flake disillusioning actually … Yes a little bit idiots … hey guys thanks for watching this video We would like to massively thank PUBG corp for sponsoring it. Now holy cow! PUBG’s first official tournament – IGP – is happening very soon We “il be there”! We would love to see you. If you want to see us there, cross-file if you are interested in the following link

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