Rain During Ceramic Coating Cure

Ceramic coatings need to cure for around 24 hours before being exposed to rain. I asked my detailer to apply ceramic coating yesterday and the product requires 48 hours curing.

Expecting Rain After Ceramic Coating Application Try This Dr Beasley S Paint Correction Ceramic Coatings Matte Paint Care More

As you may or may not already know ceramic coating as a cure time.

Rain during ceramic coating cure. It is always advised to apply a ceramic coating indoors in a controlled environment where there is no risk of a swing in temperature or a rain shower during the application of the coating. We love using ir because in addition to helping to provide a clean and contaminant free finish it reduces the amount of time that the vehicle needs to sit to cure before we are able to deliver the. After the coating install the vehicle should remain dry indoors for at least 24hrs as it begins curing.

The coating can help prevent your clear coat from water spots as it is. For anyone wondering the basic principle to rainwater is similar to boiling a pot of water. Since automotive ceramic nano coatings are now a standardized form of vehicle paint protection this problem had shown up with increasing frequency.

However please do not use car shampoo at this time. I parked my car under the carport but still have some rain left on the tailgate. We can apply ceramic pro sport.

No garage or carport. After 24hrs the vehicle can be driven in the rain if unavoidable. After the coating has cured for 7 days you can begin washing the vehicle again.

But there was a light rain last night. Our pika pika rain ceramic coating needs 2 weeks for hardening completely. I saw the water bead off the coating but due to my ocd and light wallet after the coating i am afraid of what damage being stuck in the light rain caused during the curing process of 2 3 weeks.

Take special care during time period. Your car will need to be garaged overnight unless the weather forecast is for no rain. The water evaporates and the vast majority 99 9 of minerals and other contaminants is left behind leaving essentially pure water post evaporation and the contaminants behind in the pot ground ocean etc.

Therefore please don t wash your car with car shampoo or wash by force during this period. As mentioned curing a ceramic coating on a vehicle takes time and as a result the vehicle will need to sit longer if being cured naturally. The surface of glass layer can cure with 12 hours so washing with a microfiber is ok.

Also with ir curing becoming a common procedure to cure coatings the introduction of heat during the curing process additionally swells the paint. I just had ceramic pro professionally installed a day ago and i went for a drive this morning but suddenly got caught in a light rain mist. Curing time is 2 3 weeks depending on environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature.

During that time some precautions should be taken. A new ceramic pro coating will take about 2 3 weeks to cure to its full strength.

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