The Preparations | Exams – Part 3 | by Sabarish Kandregula | VIVA

Can you guys even mull One writes what he likes? One likes, what the other writes One simulate, pastes the question paper And the other writes. Then this thus dhum dhadle Rafa Nadel One says he himself is physics. Do I look like a hutch puppy To elapse your exams for all the crap you write. It is our mutual understanding, sir. Whatever we write you overtake us, I am offsetting. This exam Come prepared for a fresh exam tomorrow, Enlightened Music Come buddy causes start rending the text notebook. It is this rupturing got our lives torn What the heck Lets start. We don’t have era TIME. Do you remember We were given a full time of time to study, But what are we doing Tearing slips Proudly Puppy. Shame on us bro At least formerly lets, study and write quizs. Sincerely without mimicking. Did you come upside down Buddy? All these times we got caught by our schoolteachers, Its big time. We be able to use our inessential abilities and make our SELF RESPECT. Yes, I second you Let rally Mom. I have an exam tomorrow. Don’t switch on the TV and vex me Causes watch who will switch on the TV firstly, Hello Phone, Hey Kohli, exactly started batting. Is it Yay Chillax? Let me start after an hour. What is it you people want? No hastens, Let him go first. I will wait. Tell me now: what is it you people want? As you can see, the page numbers now Just need a simple Micro, xerox, Darn, YES, Respect Self Respect, Let do what we are best at Hey brother. What are these Micro, xerox ,’ s for Project work, bro Huh, Even I did so many projects like these and finally set up this store. What the clock! It is six already. If you see this video, You will be offended. Oh, It is a must watch. Then Salman Khan is getting married. This time all reaction papers should be in range Bro. Shall we start Think. Logically, We don’t have the time You study two periods. I’ll study. Another two. You study the remaining two Ten in the night. We will share our enlightenment. You are super Genius Done. Yes, somebody. This time causes tally 100 celebrates. First causes get pass label. I think this question might come. Yeah Looks like this is important. Is it We get this last year? This is the only question I wrote. Last year, This one is for sure shot. Ten distinguishes guaranteed question Two symbols question This one too Also this This one extremely Yo. This is sure Yeah that’s, my boy C ,’ mon fast up c’mon, More morer, morest Tear those very Dude makes save some time. I will sobbing you fold, Ha such intelligence Hahaha So funny. I am really scandalized, Not surprised. Let us begin after dinner. I saw something like this somewhere Such a delicious, taught throwback. I picture I am sleepy-eyed, So one should sleep. I will wake up like a good boy at 3 AM and study Talking in the phone Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet so who are you What the alarm I slept just now? How come it is 3 already Lets. Wake up at 4 AM Let sleep for 1 more hour and lets wake up afresh Just an hour more Fair deal. To be honest, I recollect I know all the answers. Just a glimpse is enough. Let wake up at 6 AM Its bloody 6. It won.’t be wise. If I sleep now What the Its 7, When did I sleep again Holy mother of physics? I thoughts I will disappoint by 1 recognize At least I will see the two sides titles. My dear God, Please Pass me. I will come to Tirupathi God. If I progress the quiz, I will give to your church, God gawd gaaaawd, God make sure I write well. I will come to Madurai. I will come to Puri Varanasi Badrinath ISCKON Rishikesh Shiridi Bangkok, Which God stays there. God is everywhere ma This time. I have pinned all my slips to my jean, Not even CID can find. Finally, I’ll pass in finals. Welcome babies Feel like home Ma Uncle Brother. He booked us big time Real big time. Did I write my quiz or not.

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