Turbo Jeep 4.0 Rebuild Part 10: How To Powder Coat

Hey guys so, but this is what this really really sucks, because i lost like three fourths of all my videos for this upcoming video. So basically we recap. I croaked onward and made all these all out. Um then put into the vice here. Take this teach and wire wheel and get all clean then I went through and took this here and get them all shiny. I’m ready for the pulverize coater um. How I prepare that up is that all the bolts fit in right here so yeah. I’m kind of mad um that’s right now. I’m working on the gratuity the turbine area. “Thats still” hot. It just came out, there are still this here I went through and powder coat all the thunderbolts here and I loped ahead and pack up this here actually came out. Pretty nice then that there yeah this really slackers me out, but I’ll get this video up. This week, okay guys, so I announce this pulverize coated um kind of like it actually um. So now let’s employed it back together, um. I have no idea how the irritant is sound. I leave it so what loose Colin engine and turn in? Ah, you ok Wow. This climb you well alright, so I got on now and I get clocked how I was going to made these exert plates on and get that set up picture you alright. So I get this grounded and I’m Johnny powder coat. Is black so let’s sweet get this out. It came out all right but examines direction better than it did now. The next thing be my daughter, bottle, comes here and clean it up at the wire pedal. I hope this thing no more shuts in you, but yep, oh guy. I know if you can see this, but something happened. I’m doing go ahead and now articulated this into a carburetor cleaner and we are seeking to it um surface suctions. But whatever i’m convene somehow that next thing would be getting this off you well. That was a lot of work like truly only all these little minuscule boats taking them all clean-living it down, but it appears so much much better than I was just thinking. Many guys things like all right. How did you call that time in and it exactly looks – inspects a mess, but it’s mine so which is what happens? Oh man, I probably put about 26 hours 25 hours into this ooh wladim got it done. I really like this table. How did that just inspects mean? Okay, that’s a package? I got all the shafts style. Oh everything, particles. I want to be pulverization coated. I really like how this turned out next video. We’ll, be doing the markup on a new manifold so that’s dummy lots of fun, keep chanted and like and subscribe. Please thanks!.

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