Tutorial: How to make your radiator look awesome!

jiae’s two pennies now coming at you with one of those tutorial videos that # i have do a good deal of and i haven’t done and like well practice lane longer they’d like to admit but that’s okay because we’re here today and “now do a video today about how to refresh a beat up scratched up radiator and make it disappear from fab to flab wait that’s that’s not right damn it if you thought skunkworks was cool then intelligence on over to mod Coolermaster calm and watch the biggest honours in case modding is participating in over twenty thousand dollars in cash and prizes so if you’ve ever taken a radiator out of one case and invested it into another you’ve probably noticed right away that it starts to look pretty bad pretty quickly you get lots of dirt that comes stuck in the fins you get some scratchings that appear on the clamp loopholes and it really becomes very unsightly and maybe you’ve even been allured to toss it out but you don’t want to do that today we’re going to go ahead and refresh this bad boy of course to get the job done right you’re going to need a few pieces firstly you’re going to need some cardboard some 400 grit sandpaper canned breeze can of decorate maybe another can of decorate a practicality pierce a sandwich and of course the radiator start off by taking your canned aura and cleansing off as much of the junk from the fins as you possibly can don’t worry some of the dirt is going to get stuck to the fins and will not come off you might have to resort to running your radiator underneath some sea but if you do that you want to make sure it’s completely cool before moving on to any of the make-up steps now the depict I’m applying for this is the rust-oleum universal satin which is a paint and primer in one you would think it’s a good thing because it’ll stick to anything but genuinely I’m just extremely cheap to buy separate primer so I thought it works for me now that your radiator is all nice and clean-living go ahead and move out to a well-ventilated area because this after all is not paid a huffy information this is a how to draw your radiator seminar in case you got a little bit confounded now go ahead and take your 400 tenacity sandpaper and and by the way never mind the hieroglyphics on the anchor that’s mystery super secret project can’t can’t tell you about it alright not to kill you so don’t even ask you’ve been forewarned now go ahead and make your sandpaper now and you’re going to shape some some smooth backward and forward motions back and forth back and forth you know just like you were rubbing leg wax on your car and you’re going to want to pay special attention to the area where the dye or the gunpowder coating in this case is starting to chip off and you’re going to want to fix that as smooth as is practicable but the idea here is that you’re roughing up the quality of the surface and you’re getting off any sort of dirt or grime that may have been put to it and so you can give the paint and primer something to adhere to because if you don’t then of course you’re not going to get anything to adhere and then this will turn into how to clear your radiator look like crap tutorial and then that’s not what we’re doing here not today regardless that’s next week now standing on your radiator is going to make a lot of lovely dust but unfortunately that doesn’t work very well for drawing so you’re going to want to take a wet paper towel or washcloth and you’re going to want to rinse away as much of that dust as possible use your canned aura use a rain rag ignore the devil dog back there these merciless vindictive person who will bite your gonads off if you even try to break into the house so I don’t show it he’s very he’s very fearsome now that the radiators been completely prepped and ready to go go ahead and prep your cover can by shaking it up real good and never mind why seems to be such a natural action I don’t even you don’t even stop you’re stupid stop you don’t know me but this is a brand new can of spray paint you don’t want to spray directly on to the radiator right away you want to do some exams phrase you want to see if it’s going to shoot out nice and even or if it’s going to spraying or if it’s going to be this tutorial is starting to sound like a cruel thought now that I think about this but we’re committed now so you want to make sure it’s spraying nice and even you don’t want that globs of cover being give on to the fins so formerly it’s spraying delightful and even you precisely just wanted to do some neat even coats back and forth perhaps twelve inches away from the radiator fins so we’re just gonna do a light-colored coat on here to make it nice and smooth that’s that’s it that’s it no more than that if you do more than that you’ve you’ve done you’ve done too much and you led onward and you didn’t watch and you didn’t given attention and now you’ve ruined it you’ve ruined it now if you’re repainting your radiator all pitch-black then you can pretty much just go ahead and bounce these next couple of steps but if you want to change the outside color of your radiator to something cool like grey or yellow or plaid then what you’re going to want to go ahead and do here is cover up the radiator fins so you don’t get overspray on them now those two methods that I use here to do this the first thing you’re watching me do here is make some cardboard retain we mentioned the cardboard and we’re going to cut out a template so that we can slide the cardboard in underneath the fan shafted down parts so that we can protect the fins now normally you could just tape this off which is the other method which I’m showing now but the cardboard actually provisions some protection for the fins whereas the strip doesn’t so if you bang it or something goes touched against it you’re not going to be able to keep from smashing the fins the cardboard method that you are eligible to but the bottom line here is you want to protect the fins from coming overspray and mar and you require it to be a snug up against the sheathing or the shielding of the radiator as you are eligible to so that you don’t get overspray down inside now the last thing you want to do to prepare your radiator for drawing and in the pending awesomeness that is going to come of it is to prepare your fitting ports so that you don’t get decorate down in them paint inside your radiator is a bad thing so go ahead and take a piece of paper towel or something non fibrous it’s not going to make a ton of fibers like toilet paper would be bad go ahead and roster it up like some sort of a nerdy you are familiar with but that that’s big enough so that you can fit it down inside the tube and the fitting port there and have it be snug so that coats not going to get in there if you happen to have any sort of fittings that you don’t care if they get drawn or any sort of plugs then “its just” G part wove and you could just thread in anything you wanted to protect the holes as well so use whatever is best for you so last-place but not least before we get to the recreation part of spray-painting stuff make sure you take a fasten or something that competitions your radiator threading and shafted it in so you have something to hang it by so now comes the persona you’ve all been waiting for the end of the video oh no wait we’re not quite there yet approximately there sorry to disappoint anyway now is the part where we get to spray paint the radiator so you want to suspend the radiator you don’t want to handle it you don’t want to touch it anything you do at this phase manage it “wouldve been” dreadful and you’re going to want to make nice even spray motions on it but first thing you’re going to want to do is do a test spray to see which way the wind is blowing so you can stand upwind of high winds you don’t want the spray paint coming back into your face trust me that’s a terrible thing so anyway now that you know which way the aura is actually blowing go ahead and exactly start doing even hairs and do multiple coatings if necessary the worst thing you were able to do at this point is put on too much paint and have it start lead because then you have to run and try and catch it nerds are typically out of shape and you glass thing you want to do is have to run now that you’ve given ample day for your coat to baked according to the paint specifications are available on your can you’re going to want to go ahead and start peeling up the tape slowly and just take your time you don’t want to scratch the thing but you want to make sure you generate plenty of hour for it to dry I know you’re going to be really enthusiastic to see how the thing is going to look but the worst thing you can do is start messing around with it before the draw is feel fully medication which it many times could take more than a daytime or 24 to 48 hours you’re going to want to go ahead merely give it slew of time to sit out in the Sun or only absolutely roast and cool so if you follow these instructions very carefully because I know they were extremely complicated and you could have never done this without my video a/ derision then you would have a radiator now that looks very very happy and proud versus the sad and lamentable radiator it was when you started so anyway there you go chaps that is how you take a radiator that has been a little bit loved and is a bit tired and make it look like new well there you go as you can see it’s pretty damn simple to paint and refresh your radiator I’ve had a bunch of dents and things in there there’s not a whole lot you could have done about that but if it’s just child scratches peculiarly around the screw domain or soiled fins you can certainly make it look really really good very minimal effort and merely a couple of horses I’m not going to lie I nearly propelled this radiator out but this extreme radiator now from Swift Tech is a very good radiator and I didn’t want to lose it so I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to kind of give you guys a little lesson here on how to do something a simple cheap and effective hope you guys have enjoyed today’s video it’s a little bit of a how-to from Jay which we haven’t done in quite a while so if you liked it you know what to do smacked the thumbs up button if you disliked it and you thought white radiators are stupid I think you’re stupid but feel free to reach the dislike button that’s why that one’s there as well feel free to comment president on over to the forums social media and all that recreation trash as ever guys above all thanks for watching I envisage I think it looks pretty damn good now what the heck am I going to see employed it in hey what’s up YouTube Jays two pennies here and I think brand-new purchasers who are looking at building their first computer or even improving another computer but haven’t done so in a while are getting truly caught up and confused on how to choose the right motherboard and I don’t accused you guys there’s a lot of poop on motherboards

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